When Moving Means New Opportunities and New Possibilities

Moving to a new place is never easy. And it can be even more difficult if you have little or no friends and family in the new city. However, there are a few things that can help you get settled in for good without going through the stress of moving alone.

Before You Move
If you have some time, use it effectively. The earlier you start planning for various things like packing and getting rid of your belongings, the easier it will be for you later in the process.

Know how much you’re going to need when you get there by using a cost-of-living calculator.

Find a real estate agent in the area you’re planning on moving to. They are your best resource for not only housing but guiding you to the neighborhoods that meet your requirements like airport access, commute times, and schools. If you don’t know any real estate agents in the area, a good place to start is by reading reviews of real estate agents and choosing one from there.

Find a lender that specializes in relocation loans or is familiar with real estate transactions in the state you’re relocating to. There are several lenders that offer Relocation loans, making it easier for you to obtain mortgage pre-approval and navigate the full sale transaction even when you’re not physically present.

If you’re moving back to an area where you once went to school, look for old classmates, like this one for Austin, Texas, and get their input as far as what to expect.

Once You’re There

Be open-minded about what the area has to offer. Ask neighbors for recommendations. Join the NextDoor app.

Find local support networks, and connect with your new neighbors with community pages on Facebook/Meta. Visit the local grocery stores and markets and look online for the location and hours of any local farmer’s markets.

If your quest is to find a job in your new city, you may want to travel to the city first, staying with any friends or family in the area, while securing a job before your permanent move. Apply at employment agencies that offer temp work while you’re searching, too.

When you’ve moved to your new home, you’ll want to get right in and start making it feel like your home. Planting a garden of flowers that you had back in your old home, painting your house in colors that reflect your style, and checking out local shops to find knick-knacks and even furniture that captures the culture and ambiance of your new home state.

If your move has taken you to the Austin area, you may want to contact The Texas Painting Company to refresh or personalize your space!

Feeling at Home
Look for places to become ‘a regular’, like a coffee shop, a small market, or a bookstore.

Stop by every day or several times a week and introduce yourself, ask the names of the people behind the counter and tell them a little bit about you, too.

Find a local group with your same interests, like a book club, a yoga class, or nature walkers. If you’re single, join a dating site. Even if you’re not looking for romance, some sites let you choose the option of “just looking for a friend.” Give yourself time to feel homesick and understand it takes time for a new place to feel like home. In this case, time is definitely your friend. Just don’t sit at home and wait for the city to come to find you, go out there and explore and maybe even find a local team to cheer for. Soon, you’ll feel like a real “townie.”