Residential House Painting Services

At Texas Painting Company we specialize in painting services for your home. Whether you are looking to spruce up an exterior paint job or add some new elements to your interior space we are here with you through your journey to make your house a place you want to come ‘home’ to. We have completed several projects with people who are working to increase the value of their home to put on the market as well as people who have just purchased a house and want a full renovation to turn a diamond in the rough into a dream living space. Our homes aren’t just where we sleep. They are where we create, learn, grow, and thrive. We are here to help you transform your house into something that nurtures the specific needs or your family.

Exterior Painting Projects:

Other than the overall refreshing effect that a new paint job has on a home’s ambiance and the value retention of a new coat of paint on a home, are you aware that there are protective needs to get your house painted as well? Repainting the exterior of your home also protects against bad weather, insects, and climate changes. People contact us about specific or specialty paint jobs frequently and we are always happy to step up to the plate. Sometimes an HOA will require a homeowner to repaint the exterior of a home. If you have received a notice or a letter that you need to repaint your home, be sure to contact us as we can help you through that process. We also work with historic properties to do the custom color matching to ensure the timeless nature doesn’t fade like the old paint job. Our detailed and professionally trained paint applicants use many methods of applying paint including hand application to make sure the detail and integrity of your home remain intact. We know that you want your house to stand out, so we have a large variety of colors to choose from and are always willing to mix you the exact shade that you need to make your house the best looking on the block. With curb appeal being the biggest selling point of a house, it’s also a huge retaining point, meaning your house will hold value on the market for years to come with a splash of new paint from Texas Painting Company.

Interior Painting Projects:

Avoid the headaches, paint spills, and messy edges that come with DIY paint jobs. Not to mention the sacrifice of the one thing you can’t get back- your free time. Painting inside your home is something you want to always put in the hands of trusted professionals for these reasons and more. We are honored to work with you and take every residential job as seriously as if we are working on our own homes. Not only are you allowing us into your space, but you’re also giving us the opportunity to recreate that space in a new and transformative way! Our team of clean and courteous professionals will be flexible with your schedule and disrupt your home as little as possible. We will be in and out before you know it, leaving no traces of the makeover that just happened except the perfect paint job itself. Did you know that the coloring of your interior can make all the difference in your mood as well? A new paint job can bring a positive energy flow and comfort into your home. Nothing livens up the atmosphere of your home like fresh interior paint. A change in colors of the walls can revitalize your home and help you express your personality, taste, and the key values that you represent. The right choice of shade can liven up a lifeless old room, cozy up that cold room, or make your home office more calming.  Along with creating your dream space, we specialize in difficult jobs including covering up messes left in kids’ rooms, redoing paint jobs after water remediation, and redoing faux fixtures. We can even paint appliances and cabinets!

We love all types of projects regardless of size. Whether it’s an interior room that we can freshen up for you by applying new paint or an entire exterior paint application, Texas Painting Company is right for the job.

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