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Commercial Painting Services

Texas Painting Company has completed several commercial projects throughout the State of Texas. From industrial warehouses, multi-family developments, condo complexes, restaurants, retail outlets and hotels we are your source for all things commercial. We do tape and float, texture, faux finish applications, prepare and paint metal, encapsulating lead-based paint and removing, stain and of course any interior or exterior painting needs you may have.

Our portfolio of clients is extensive. We are professional painting contractors that know what is required to properly care for our commercial clients. Timing is essential for nearly all commercial projects, so we work closely with Project Managers to ensure there is no delay in completing your project. Quality work is critical to General Contractors and Property Management companies. We ensure the work is done to spec, on budget, and on time.

We’re Here For You

Texas Painting Company is your top-rated commercial painting service in the Austin area. Our professional painting contractors understand that property owners and property managers want their buildings to be at their best, and that’s why we strive to offer top-quality painting for your properties.


Your goals are our goals. Whether your project is to revamp the interior of your building or to present a refreshed look to the exterior of your property, we can help you accomplish your mission. Your project will receive the individual attention it deserves. We assign superintendents to oversee all of our projects from start to finish. This ensures the work is done correctly, and on time. We guarantee that our valued customers will always have someone to speak to about their project needs.

Fair and Honest

We pride ourselves in offering our customers fair and honest bids. Our licensed technicians can assess your painting needs and provide a proposal that is within your budget.

Only The Best

We believe in offering our customers the best service possible. At Texas Painting Company, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our licensed paint staff is trained in the latest painting technique. Their knowledge and expertise will guarantee that your building will look it’s best, every time. High-quality finishes are our specialty.

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A Note Regarding Lead-Based Paint

Lead-based paint is still a substantial problem in millions of homes and buildings across the United States. If your building was built before 1978, then there is a chance that lead-based paint was used.

Many people believe they can solve their lead-based paint problem by painting over it with regular paint. This is a short term solution to a long term problem. As time goes by, the regular paint starts to chip, exposing the lead-based paint underneath and creating a potential health hazard to all who enter your buildings.

Texas Painting Company specializes in removing and encapsulating lead-based paint, so your commercial building is safe. Our highly trained painters are trained to industry standards, so toxic lead dust does not spread to the community around your building.

Below is a short list of commercial painting services we offer:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • HOAs
  • Multi-family Developments
  • Condo complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels
    … and much more!

Our services also include:

  • Texture
  • Faux finish applications
  • Metal prep & painting
  • Staining
  • Tape and Float
  • Lead-based paint removal
  • and of course, any interior or exterior painting needs


Need Something Else or Have Questions?

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