Apartment Painting Services

There are many residential painting companies in Texas, and most of them will gladly paint your apartment complex, but Texas Painting Company is the only one (that we know of) to specifically advertise our apartment painting services. Why is that? One reason is because we do more apartment painting than many of our competitors; another reason is that we understand the unique needs and challenges facing apartment owners, and we go out of our way to make sure you know it.

Texas Painting Company has all the qualities and traits you are looking for. Thanks to our equal experience with residential and commercial painting projects, we bring the best of both worlds to apartment jobs of all sizes. What does that mean? For starters, it means that you can trust our painters to treat your residents with professionalism and respect—that’s the residential painting company in us. It also means that you can trust your project will be completed on time and within budget—that’s the commercial side of us showing.

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Single Apartments or Entire Apartment Complexes, We Paint Them All!

Texas Painting Company doesn’t look down on small jobs, and we don’t shy away from big jobs, either. No apartment painting project is too big or small for our experienced, professional painting crews. Whether you need to have us repaint a single apartment you are renovating for a new tenant, update the look inside hundreds of apartments simultaneously, apply the first coat of paint to newly constructed apartments, or paint the exterior of each apartment building, Texas Painting Company is here for all of your apartment painting needs.

Texas Painting Company is also your contactor of choice for all painting needs around your apartment building, including:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Workout rooms
  • Offices and waiting rooms
  • Common areas/lounges
  • Parking garages
  • And more!


In short, if you have an apartment building and need paint applied anywhere, Texas Painting Company can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and find out how quickly and affordably Texas Painting Company can meet your needs.

Why Texas Painting Company is the #1 Apartment Painting Company in Austin

Many apartment complexes in Austin and the surrounding areas have hired Texas Painting Company to update, refresh, and renew their buildings with a fresh coat of paint or two. Many of our clients have come to use the same way you did—by searching for “apartment painting companies in Austin” or some other similar term and finding our website—but a lot of our clients are referrals. This is another way of saying that many of our clients are so satisfied with the results that they tell their peers about us when the question is asked: “Do you know of any good apartment painters in Austin?” The answer is always Texas Painting Company.

Of course, you may be asking what makes Texas Painting Company the #1 apartment painting company in the area. Excellent question! After all, there are many painting companies in Austin, so it makes sense to do your due diligence and select the best company for the job. Some of the reasons we are hired for more apartment painting jobs than our competitors include:

  • Project Management – Texas Painting Company takes project management very seriously. This means we can avoid unexpected delays and disruptions before they come up thanks to thorough project planning. And if something does come up, we are expert communicators and problem solvers, so you will always know what is happening and what we are doing to keep your project moving towards the finish line.
  • Fair and Honest Pricing – We pride ourselves in offering our customers fair and honest bids. Our licensed technicians can assess your painting needs and provide a proposal that is within your budget. No games, no gimmicks, no surprises; just fair and honest pricing on the best interior and exterior painting services in Austin. How much will your project cost? Give us a call or contact us online to find out!
  • The Best of the Best – We believe in offering our customers the best service possible. At Texas Painting Company, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our licensed paint staff is trained in the latest painting technique. Their knowledge and expertise will guarantee that your building will look it’s best, every time. High-quality finishes are our specialty!

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