Serving Steiner Ranch, TX

Located in the hills of West Austin and home to the University of Texas Golf Club, Steiner Ranch is a massive master planned development. The neighborhood is full of neat neighborhoods where there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a custom home on Lake Austin or a Drees on the golf course, Steiner Ranch has something for everyone.

Texas Painting Company has been proud to service the residents of Steiner Ranch over the last 9 years. We have painted many interiors and exteriors throughout this community.

Steiner Ranch has been called one of the best master-planned communities in the country, and it is easy to see why. Built on 4,600 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and bounded by Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and the Balcones Canyonland Preserve, Steiner Ranch was designed to complement and enhance its captivating natural setting. At Texas Painting Company, we take a similar approach to residential painting: complement and enhance. It is why we are one of the premier high-end painting companies in Austin, and why we are the preferred choice among Steiner Ranch residents.

We Understand Steiner Ranch HOA Guidelines

Each residential unit in Steiner Ranch is the result of years of intensive and careful planning. In order to maintain the neighborhood’s aesthetic and charm, the Steiner Ranch HOA has established guidelines for homeowners wishing to make exterior modifications to their homes. Any modifications, alterations, or improvements—which the HOA defines as any change or alteration of any residence including change of material, exterior appearance, color, or texture—must be approved beforehand.

Texas Painting Company has experience painting homes in HOA neighborhoods and can help you plan an exterior painting project that falls within Steiner Ranch committee guidelines. For example, we know that the Steiner Ranch HOA requires warm, earth-tone neutrals and suggests muted, complementary accent colors (primary colors are prohibited). The goal of the Steiner Ranch HOA guidelines is to create a harmonious blend with the natural environment, and Texas Painting Company can make that happen.

Luxury Home Painters You Can Trust

Texas Painting Company has served the residents of Steiner Ranch for 10 years. We have painted many interiors and exteriors throughout this community. Our crew of professional house painters is comprised of highly trained artisans who take pride in their work. Your home will be kept neat and clean throughout the entire project, and when we are done there will be nothing for you to clean up, touchup, or throw away.

Texas Painting Company only uses premium-grade interior and exterior paint. We also have the best painting equipment money can buy, which helps us do amazing work in a short amount of time. It could take other, less experienced painting crews weeks to complete some of the painting projects that we can complete in days.

With Texas Painting Company, you truly get the best. Our promise to you:

  • A final bill no higher than your estimate
  • A set time for work to be completed
  • Your home kept neat and clean
  • Premium grade products
  • Thorough surface preparation
  • A trained, professional crew

More Than Just Interior and Exterior Painting

Texas Painting Company is not a full-service home improvement company, but we do quite a bit more than a lot of our competitors. Of course, over the last decade we have made a name for ourselves in Steiner Ranch and throughout the Austin-Metropolitan area because of our high-quality interior and exterior painting services, but we provide much more to our customers. Our services include:

  • Deck painting
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Siding replacement
  • Power washing
  • Garage floor sealing
  • And more!

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From removing popcorn from ceilings in the older section to applying custom paint and finishes to some of the homes on the water we have done it all. If you are in need of any interior or exterior paint we have the solution.

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