Selecting shades for walls might not be rocket science, it is not by no means child’s play either. Spaces can be made or broken based on specific sets of colour and their varied permutations and combinations. Within this equation, one often overlooked space is the largest wall per se, the ceiling. Selecting different tones and intensities rather than the traditional white for depending on the intended use of the room can add to either creating intimacy or an illusion of more space. Even if sticking to white, intelligently choosing a tint to add, keeping in mind the wall hues can keep things subtle whilst providing a harmonious and cohesive look to the room.

As far as painting makeovers are concerned, walls and trims have always had a major portion of attention, and lids to the proverbial container may get trivialized. A fresh and dynamic coat can go a long way in uplifting both home and office spaces, often making audiences consciously appreciative of the change. Our experts at Texas Painting Company firmly believe in attention to detail, and hence aid in the selection and implementation of the best colour schemes specifically suited to potentials of each room and space. We work on an array of specifics and factors, keeping in mind a number of principles and variables enlisted below.

A ceiling reflects on the overall design aesthetic.

The fifth wall in its right equals the floor size in totality, and thus an old, dirty tone does muck up an otherwise crisp design of a room. Larger spaces with high ceilings, when covered in darker tones in comparison to the walls create intimacy. Contrary to what might seem daunting at first glance, this gives a feeling of infinity or emulating the night sky. Many bedrooms nowadays utilize this to develop a warm, comforting feeling of resting under the stars which, when all blanketed up can also be romantic. Darker hues also reduce reflected light, which inherently highlights other elements to create a tad bit mischievous but unified look.On the other hand, lighter shades can work wonders for relatively smaller spaces. A lighter ceiling invariably gives the impression of increased heights. If and when maintaining uniformity with the walls, using half the strength of your wall paint appears as the same strength in most lighting setups. Using almost or white here, makes the overhead nearly disappear, focusing attention solely on the furniture, trims and walls. Often used to offset intense colour, bold colour choices can pop without overpowering the eye. In rooms with scanty natural light, such choices can go a long way in making the space brighter by reflecting whatever light is available.

Colour choices add an identity.

Specifically selecting hues rather than based on intentions of supplementing the rest of the room is another bold yet dynamic choice. A range of materials and finishes can be deployed for desired impacts. Dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms are good spaces to try unconventional shades. Ranging from pops of bright colour to plush organic pastels, natural light is also a vital factor to keep in mind. Daylight works brilliantly with the latter, say olive green, blush pink or sky blue to create an airy feeling. On the other hand, candles and lamplight on tomato red produce a passionate rich glow. Small bathrooms specifically, can be given a good dose of personality with colour, drawing attention away from size limitations. Although usually kept flat, using satin or eggshell finishes offer just a hint of reflective sheen. However, abstinence from excess is the key. Living areas should be kept simple to maintain an inclusive air for its co-habitants.

Immersive or uniform colour decisions blend well with smaller and/or multi-angled ceilings. Wrapping the room in a cloak of colour negates an “escape hatch” for lighter shades towards the top. While invoking a restful, soothing mood for bedrooms or baths, a one-colour treatment in larger rooms unifies the space and lets the accessories and furnishings do the talking.

Encourage dynamism and creativity.

The sky is quite literally, the limit here. From recreating organic natural settings to employing contemporary colour palettes, the ceiling should be looked at as an additional canvas rather than a task. A home is the extended personality of those who live within, hence no idea is wrong and no request too bold. Guided by your preferences, our experience and the light and space settings unique to your house, we develop colour schemes guaranteed to enhance and uplift your living experience for extended periods of time.

Even quirky patterns create unexpected points of interest and leave a lasting impression. Keeping in sync with transitions in modern times, adults generally prefer relatively muted colours to add drama and elegance, while children may opt for bold and bright colours to promote creativity. Murals can also be an unexpected design feature, customizing and elevating a room to an artistic space.

Closing thoughts

Whether renovating your entire home or select parts, ceilings constitute roughly 1/6th the entire surface area of any given room. Freshly painted walls can often be undermined by a fading, outdated ceiling. It is important to include it in your project plans, and while walls may even offer a fun, DIY activity for the entire family, ceilings require a multitude of specific tools and skills. It is, therefore, both convenient and preferable to employ professionals rather than completing a botched job with hazards like neck and back pains to add to the time and effort involved. Croc Painters has a rich history of utilizing the latest technology and trends in offering a wide range of visual options to cater to each individual and by extension, a family’s needs; unifying what may be a house into a home.